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Coastal School Ministries

Coastal School Ministries works in partnership with Horry County Public Schools to expose youth to Biblical Principles through Released-Time Bible Education.

Released-Time Bible Education classes are offered multiple class periods each day, five days a week throughout the school year. With parental permission, students may leave school during an elective or exploratory period to attend off-campus Bible classes at a host facility. Transportation is provided by Coastal School Ministries and a qualified teacher with a firm command of the Bible provides instruction using the Bible as the textbook. While students are taught the Bible academically, more importantly they are taught how to apply the Bible to their daily lives (devotionally).

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What Our Students are Saying...

I have made new friends in this class. Before this class I didn’t like school, but now I have something to look forward to everyday. 6th grader

"Learning about the birth and crucifixion of Jesus was my favorite because Jesus died each and every one of our sins and he suffered for us. Now if that does not show you how much Jesus and God love you I don?t know what will." 7th grader

This class is getting me in the habit of having a daily time with God, which is pretty tough to do in my hectic life. Unknown student