Coastal School Ministries works in partnership with Horry County Public Schools to expose youth to Biblical Principles through Released-Time Bible Education.

Released-Time Bible Education classes are offered multiple class periods a day, five days a week throughout the school year. With parental permission, students may leave school during an elective or exploratory period to attend off-campus Bible classes at a host facility. Transportation is provided by Coastal School Ministries and a qualified teacher with a firm command of the Bible provides instruction using the Bible as the textbook. While students are taught the Bible academically, more importantly they are taught how to apply the Bible to their daily lives (devotionally).

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Released-Time Bible Education classes offer students a safe venue to ask questions without fear or ridicule. In this safe environment, students are challenged to think about their beliefs and define their “plumb line” for defining right and wrong and evaluating the challenges and choices they face daily.

Students receive substantial Bible instruction time:

  • 135 hours of Bible instruction per semester for high school students.
  • 68 hours of Bible instruction per semester for middle school students.
  • Compare: An adult attending one church service weekly receives 52 hours of “instruction” per year.

Our Mission Field:

  • Horry County has more than 21,000 middle and high school students. (
  • 57% of Horry County population is NOT affiliated with a religious congregation. (
  • Among Coastal School Ministries’ students, 40% of middle school students report not attending church. That number soars to 60% among our high school students.
  • Barna Research Group documents that 2 out of 3 Born Again Christians accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior before their 18th birthday.
  • Christianity Today reported trends indicating the majority of youth across the nation will stop going to church by their 18th birthday and disengage from religion by the time they are 29.
  • Only 20% of the US population read the Bible once a week. (George Gallup, Jr., and D. Michael Lindsey, Surveying the Religious Landscape, Morehouse, 1999)

"How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:14-15

What we Teach

The Bible is the primary textbook for all classes.

Curriculum highlights for each semester include:

  • Who Am I? (Psalm 139)
  • Bible basics including Books of the Bible; How to look up scripture; Where did the Bible come from?, etc.
  • Overview of 10 Bible topics:
    Creation and the Fall
    Noah and Abraham - Flood and Covenant

             Kings and Prophets

             Transition to New Testament

             Birth and Life of Christ

             Death and Resurrection of Christ

             Life and Letters of Paul


Supplemental resources:

Wise Up: God's Wisdom for Life Choices by Mark Reed (

Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ by Trevor McIlwain

Bible Survey Course Curriculum obtained from Mooresville High School and produced by Bible in the School Press, Inc.

Life in View of Eternity: Quest for Christ-Likeness by Ron Handley, Gordon Thiessen, and Luke Bowers (

The Bible and Its Influence by The Bible Literacy Project, 2006 (

Benefits of Released-Time Bible Education classes:

  • The Bible offers a worldview grounded in HOPE - life has meaning and purpose beyond accumulation of wealth and/or cultivation of status.
  • Youth receive a strong foundation for moral and ethical character.
  • Biblical foundation leads students to be a positive part of their community – improved relationship with family and friends, improved respect for authority and their peers and reduction in risk-taking behavior.
  • Partnership with community churches helps connect students who often bring their families as well.
  • “Students in Released Time programs perform better than their classmates as a whole in almost every category.” (Monique W. Morris, Garry Krisberg, Sharan Shanoa, 2003. Summary of Findings: Released Time Bible Education. Columbia, SC; Oakland, SC; School Ministries; National Council on Crime and Delinquency.)

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What Our Students are Saying...

“I made new friends and now I feel good that I am in school. I think this will change my school life forever. Thank you!” 7th grader

"In released-time, I have learned to put my faith and trust in God." 8th grader

"I wasn't just given paper assignments and we were off on our own. We actually got to communicate. I love learning how God brings us all closer.ÿ Even the ones who weren?t close learned to be close. It was almost like a family." 8th grader